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Adaptive E-learning System (ADES) Ltd is working with a range of collaborators, provides personalised learning and training to business enterprises, including colleges, university departments and community learning centres.

The adaptable on-line learning system is the result of recent research work, at Manchester Business School (MBS), University of Manchester, which benefits users, providing flexible and personalised learning, by applying intelligent software agents tools, to personalise Training and Educational Resources for learners/trainees or students, of heterogeneous background.

In addition to providing learning and training options to students and trainees, the system also provides two-way evaluation of provider resources; enabling teaching and training agencies, community learning centres, colleges and universities, collaborate in generating personalised or customised learning resources.

Subsequent blogs would looks at the background, framework,  milestones, current and future plans of ADES; How ADES addresses the problems and Issues of existing e-learning systems and the market needs; as well as ADES impact, on the E-Learning Industry.

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