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On invitation as Cyber Security Lead, at the University of Buea, Dr. Godwill Vegah, delivered a presentation on “Cyber Security Landscape in Cameroon”, at the Lancaster Cyber Security Workshop, at Lancaster University. The presentation focused on “The Challenges and Needs For Cyber-Secured Systems for SMEs in Cameroon and Sub-Sahara Africa the SSA region”, and “Research & Development of Cyber Security System”.

The presentation focused on sectors going “Digital”, that require Cyber Secure Systems,  the Agro sector – Food Processing Factories – at risk of cyber-attacks, following current trends of automating-post-harvest processing factories, micro-finance institutions for farmers, cluster of micro/mini-grid systems in the renewable energy sector, with Remote Monitoring and Management, to enhance productivity and efficiency were presented and discussed.

Cyber Security-Workshop - Lancaster university
Cyber Security-Workshop COT-UB Presentation – Lancaster university

A Co-design approach, with collaboration from stakeholders in sector-specific SMEs, was presented; and the need to include African governments, with national security considerations, the private sector, academia, and the civil society in the cybersecurity strategy;  as well as developing a cyber-security strategy, with the design and development of “cyber-secure systems” centered on user requirements, ranging from itinerant farmers to military officers, who are increasingly reliant on digital/e-services.

Areas of adaptation and Applications of “Cyber-Secure-Systems” for SMEs in the SSA Region”:

– Agro/Food Processing Factories in the SSA Region: Remote Monitoring-and-Management of Agro Products – the case of Pre-and-Post-Harvest Processing Cyber-Secured system for FFB Palm product (for Global food Sufficiency and Security);

– Processing, monitoring, and managing Agro/food products in a hybrid cloud computing environment (see recent ADD Workshop Report- ADES Agro/Food processing workshop, at La Falaise, Yaoundé, Cameroon, September 2021)).

–         Renewable Energy Sector – Remote monitoring of mini/micro Solar/Renewable Energy system installations (for Green Energy / CO Emissions Reduction);

– Education and Training in the wake of COVID-19: Remote Open source /Online E-Learning Systems for Cameroon and the SSA region;

Research Project domains currently explored:

1) Modelling and Simulation of key Agro-Industry Processes (such as the case of FFB (Fresh Fruit Bunch) Post Harvest Process) for online Security;

2) Design and Development of IoT/AI System for identified Processes – The Case of FFB (PAMOL/CDC Cameroon) for online Security;

3) Cloud Utility configuration for Agro/Food-factory/Refinery-process-management, with online Security;

The ADES Approach:

– Applying novel-processing-technics-and-I/O sensors to identified Challenges of Agro-SMEs, e.g. FFB post-harvest depot-processing factories, with Secure FFB Palm products Management

– Optimising identified factory equipment operations and resource utilization, including waste management; upgrading production and security of “online Agro/Food factories system”, to help increase production of diverse products and related Agro/Food factory activities;

– Developing systems with the ability to detect and respond effectively to Client Requirements across on-premise-intranet equipment/devices, and hybrid cloud environments;

Expected Research Results:

– As a result of engaging research in the above domains e.g. IoT-application on E-Farm system (E-Farm-IoT-System), this would improve the delivery of quality services /effectiveness and profitability, adding value to the supply and production chain; as well as provide a model of CPO-processing-factory that would operate above 85-to-95% capacity of utilization and processing efficiencies respectively. (Current FFB Palm/ CPO Factories operate below 40% capacity);

– Also, as a result of digitised transformed-Agro-Food-Processing factories in the region, the impact on the economy is the  creation of a range of cyber-related jobs, addressing unemployment issues; as well as security for a “digitised regional economy”, a “digitized regional government”  and most of all security of “Emerging Digitised SMEs”; – Novel Agricultural Technology,  devices, equipment and software, designed and developed to suit “the SSA Region’s Tropical Environment”, includes the Adaptation and Adoption, and applications of innovations in a) Hybrid-Cloud Computing infrastructure; b) Specialised IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and devices, and c) A.I. Integrated Systems.

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