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The ADES-UK, and its affiliate ADES-Cameroon, organized and hosted a workshop on ” Automation and Cloud Computing in Agro and Food Processing Industries” in Cameroon/Sub-Sahara Africa, for senior staff in the Agro Sector, with participants from all over Cameroon. The workshop, which was held at Hotel La Falaise, Avenue Marechal Foch, Warda, Yaoundé, on the 28th of September 2021, focused on the importance of automating Agro/Food Processing factories in Cameroon and the sub-Sahara region as a whole to increase productivity and hence revenue from the sector.
Dr. Godwill Vegah, ADES UK Managing Director, in his opening remarks, welcomed all the participants; and introduced the guest of honor, the British High Commission (BHC) Representative, Mr. Raoul Achidi, Trade Adviser of the Department for International Trade (DIT), assisting the BHC County Director, in charge of planning and running trade missions from the UK into Cameroon.
Mr. Raoul, on behalf of the British High Commission, lauded the efforts of ADES-UK and UK firms in Cameroon, for contributing to the development of sustainable ICT technology infrastructure in the region, and encouraged the participants to take active part in the workshop.

Engaging presentations from the speakers, with the active participation of participants from the workshop panel groups and workshop plenary sessions, in the various areas of competence of the participants, were on IoT awareness, the state of Cloud Computing in the Sub-Sahara Africa Region, and its adoption and integration by SMEs in fast-growing Agro-Food Processing industry and the Solar Renewable Energy sector.
Discussions on Cloud Computing Technology and IOT (Internet of things) and applications to improve performance of the Agro/Food processing and production chain, focused on:
1)     Monitoring Factory Processes and Operations: Optimization of Managerial and Technical Operations (Applying emerging cloud computing technology, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (IoT/AI), for efficient and effective resource management);
2)     Optimising Factory Energy Supply System (providing affordable and sustainable renewable energy) and;
3)     Effective Waste Management, Recycling Systems, and Environmental Protection;
The workshop highlighted Key Driving Forces for factories/ industry development namely: Global competition, Constant quality improvement requirements, more stringent environmental control regimes; and the need to use the “System Approach” to characterize the elements of an agro and food-processing factory/facilities and encourage the standardization of industry practice (especially in the use of key performance indicators [KPIs]) in the sub-Sahara region. # #technology #iot #automation #cloudcomputing

ADES Managing Director and Operations Manager @ the ADES Workshop Reception Desk

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