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Adaptive E-learn-Event
Adaptive E-learn Systems, Supporting Enterprise event @ Hulme/Manchester

“Providing more challenges to learners, students or trainees, when they’re progressing well, and slowing down, if they need further instruction” was the focus of ADES at their recent out-reach program. The ADES exhibition showcased Educational Technology and Adaptive Learning Support at the event; demonstrating products that help adjusts learning and training experience, based on a Leaarner / Tranee’s progress.

The event brought ADES services to the “grass-roots” – close to the community of Hulme and Moss-side region of Manchester, UK, where “real support” for the underprivileged is needed for upward personal and community economic mobility. ADES currently designs, develops and implements suitable best practice and hand-on courses, for both youths and Adults, aspiring to acquire specialized skills, further training for work; and career development or higher education.

Presenting ADES Adaptive Learning Systems at Enterprise event
Presenting ADES Adaptive Learning Systems at Enterprise event

The professional range of services demonstrated at the ADES events include:
1. Consultancy Services
(Developing e-learning support systems for learning/training institution, businesses and Enterprise; Training Sessions on Specialized ICT skills set; and the use and implementation of emerging educational/Training / technology tools);
2. Adaptive Learning Support Services
(Assistance – online and at learning centers, with Schools/college/University for student project)
3. Professional, Accredited and Certification Courses
(Typically: Web Technology, network Design and Programming; Databases Systems and Information management Systems and custom-design courses for businesses and institutions)

With the ADES key mission to provide “Adaptive Learning and training Support Systems”; “Personalized, flexible learning and training” services; ADES is focused and dedicated to matching client requirements, working with a range of ICT professional collaborators.

For Bespoke service, ADES Admin and technical team can be contacted at or the e-learning-director at

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