ADES-UK and COT-UB E-Farm System for Farmers and Cooperatives

The E-Farm Management System, workshop trained over 20 participants, in navigating, data capture and process with the novel E-farm, online management system, which features voice activation, local languages and mobile phone access modules. It also trained senior farmer cooperative staff on data handling and manipulation with Excel Spreadsheets, the basics of BCS (British Computer Society) accredited […]

ADES-UK Activities in Cameroon, Sub-Sahara Africa

ADES Supporting College of Technology, University of Buea (COT-UB), South West Region of Cameroon, in Sub Sahara Africa; During Presentation of E-Farm Management System of Farmers and cooperatives, Developed in collaboration with COT-UB

Hulme, Manchester Business Event

ADES Consultancy Services – Out in the community ADES Supporting HULME, Manchester Business Event… Discussing Web-Development Services with O&K Accounting Manager and CEO of Amazin’ Business Solutions             “ADES Personalised ICT Skills Program“ – Developing Small Business Capacity and staff productivity                   […]

Enterprise Event – Hulme/Manchester UK

“Providing more challenges to learners, students or trainees, when they’re progressing well, and slowing down, if they need further instruction” was the focus of ADES at their recent out-reach program. The ADES exhibition showcased Educational Technology and Adaptive Learning Support at the event; demonstrating products that help adjusts learning and training experience, based on a Leaarner […]

Welcome to Adaptive E-Learn System

Adaptive, Personalized online learning

Welcome to Adaptive E-Learn Systems; Providing Flexible and Personalized Online Learning; Give us a call today: Tel: +44752674343, OR, and discussed your requirements.

Background of ADES Personalised Learning System: Employer and Learner/Trainee needs.

Due to market gaps in the e-learning market (G. Vegah Software Agents Support Systems, ADALP, 2011, MBS, University of Manchester) and the inability of existing e-learning platforms, to adequately address services for personalised learning objectives: It is found from research and empirical data, that access to “Quality learning resources” in deprived communities is very limited […]

Summary of ADES: Flexible, Adaptable E-Leraning System

  Adaptive E-learning System (ADES) Ltd is working with a range of collaborators, provides personalised learning and training to business enterprises, including colleges, university departments and community learning centres. The adaptable on-line learning system is the result of recent research work, at Manchester Business School (MBS), University of Manchester, which benefits users, providing flexible and […]