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ADES-UK Activities in Cameroon, Sub-Sahara Africa

Adaptive E-Learn Systems, (ADES) at Students Forum, Yaounde, Cameroon
ADES-UK provides E-Learning Platform and ICT Consultancy Services) to College of Technology, University of Buea ( COT-UB) Cameroon
ADES-UK Managing Director and MINESUP Minister, Yaounde, Cameroon with COT-UB students during demo of E-farm management System, ADES E-learn Systems for Sub-Sahara Africa among others, designed and developed with ADES-UK staff support.

ADES Supporting College of Technology, University of Buea (COT-UB), South West Region of Cameroon, in Sub Sahara Africa;

During Presentation of E-Farm Management System of Farmers and cooperatives, Developed in collaboration with COT-UB

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