Adaptive E learn Systems (ADES) Specialised Courses and Services

  • Web technology courses in HTML2, AJAX / Python, PHP and Mash ups systems.
  • High level/Object oriented Programming: Java, C/C++, which facilitate work and employment ispecialised ICT industry.
  • Machine /Assembly code Programming, for embedded Systems.
  • Digital Electronic Systems: Hardware/Software.
  • Programming and Operating Systems.
  • BCS ITQ accredited courses beneficial to learners icommunity Centres, business enterprise and as extracurricular courses for students in colleges/university departments.
  • Adaptable ICT course modules, designed and developed to suite local/regional needs, and also provided practical hands on sessions.
  • Design and development of online learning and Training Systems.
  • Consultancy: Programming & Software development.
  • Cloud computing projects.
  • Research and development of Adaptable Learning Support Systems.

Licensing Adaptive E-Learn Customized Software System 

  • The Adaptive E-learn Software System (UK Based) – is for Colleges and Universities: (for Online Management of personalized learning process; designed and developed for flexible course modules and customize-able online learner-plan system).
  • Providing Online Training Services for Business Enterprises and professional institutions, based on staff development (or staff recruitment) requirements.

On-site Lectures and Training  for Advertised or user-request Courses

The practical training sessions and lecturing services include follow-up support for specialized or advertised professional course modules,  for business enterprise, university/college departments, community groups or user-request Courses.

ADES Specialized Products and Services 

  • Online E-learning and training courses – configuration of learning content management systems (LMS), and OER (Open-Educational Resources), based on intelligent software agent support processes.
  • Online lectures and hands-on, support training sessions on a range of ICT Courses which include Software systems development, web technology and embedded systems.
  • Research and development of  “Cost Effective Adaptable E-Learning Tools”.