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ADES Adaptive E-Learning Online / E-Learning Services

The Adaptive E-Learn System (ADES) Ltd, a spin-off company from recent research work at MBS, University of Manchester; (Ref: G. Vegah, 2011, Software Agent support for personalized learning: Negotiating and contracting with multiple providers). ADES services are designed to meet personalized and flexible learning and training for learners of diversified backgrounds. ADES provides ICT Courses to learners in community learning centers, students in College/University Departments; and staff development/training courses for various business institutions. ADES is unique in providing flexible personalized online learning services, accessible on a range of “smart devices”, at any time, and anywhere, with multiple provider support options.

Systems ADES uses to provide E-Learning Online / E-Learning Services

ADES provides e-learning support using a software system that is based on MOODLE open-source learning management system and intelligent software agent applications. Both MOODLE and intelligent software agent applications enable access to a range of online learning resources that are provided through collaboration of multiple providers. The ADES e-learning support systems, with customizable resources (both opensource and bespoke), presents users (learners, trainees, students, enterprise staff), with online learning and training resource options, based on institution as well personalized requirements; thus engaging learners in effective and most appropriate learning and training.

Why Clients Choose ADES

ADES has a team of professional and specialized staff in e-learning support system and believe in providing personalized tools and innovative learning approach that meets unique requirements of organizations and Individuals”; providing learning support where and when needed. With its adaptable e-learning systems, ADES provides flexibility to learners/users, especially at community learning canters, colleges and remote regions to achieve certification, accreditation and portfolios for a wide range of ICT courses, providing essential skills for employments and developing specialized knowledge/capacity on various subject of interest. With ADES innovative learning technology, and research activity, ADES is developing state-of-the-art interactive and customizable e-learning tools that, not only support development of specialized skills and capacity building in a range of subjects but, also enable the learning-providers to collaborate, to meet the learners personalized requirements.

Current ADES Collaboration And / Support Service Providers

ADES has a network of learning/training collaborators in ICT course content provision; ADES clients has access to a range of e-online / e-learning providers; and in addition to university modular course accreditation, certification with institutions such as the British Computer Society (BCS), the International/European Computer Driving license (ICDL and ECDL); as well as identified university departments, for provision of online foundation courses, for community learning centers. ADES ensures available of its e-learning/distant learning and training courses and services in remote regions by partnering with dedicated broadband service companies such as BT broadband and collaborating VSAT system providers, in remote regions, to support our online services.