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Due to market gaps in the e-learning market (G. Vegah Software Agents Support Systems, ADALP, 2011, MBS, University of Manchester) and the inability of existing e-learning platforms, to adequately address services for personalised learning objectives:

It is found from research and empirical data, that access to “Quality learning resources” in deprived communities is very limited or unavailable;  students or learners in deprived communities have limited access/options to relevant resources; resources (i.e. depending on the need(s), existing on-line learning/training  resources could be unaffordable to some in remote and deprived communities or regions; as well as existing ICT infrastructure in some regions may not support the “rapid changing technology”;  “off-the shelf” courses, may not meet employer requirements and nor address current available ICT jobs.

Synergies of this problem have also been found in developing countries like Paraguay in South America and Benin/Cameroon in West Africa, where on-line e-learning support is most needed.

Customised (or personalised) Resource Allocation for identified learning and training courses, is found to be very useful, especially for deprived inner cities communities, developing local communities and business enterprises, both at  national and international levels;  to meet the varied demands of learners, trainees. Hence, the demand to address the existing “gaps” for personal and flexible learning and training for both , business enterprises and identified communities.

Various learning management systems, both open source and proprietary (e.g. LAMS, MOODLE, Blackboard, Desire2Learn etc) have been developed to address some of the above mentioned issues.

The ADES approach has been designed and developed to address the above gaps in current e-learning systems.


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