Adaptive E-Learning Systems (ADES) uses multi-provider collaboration to provide a personalized and flexible online ICT learning courses. ADES provides the ICT courses in community learning centers for individuals and business enterprises for staff training and development. ADES collaborates with colleges/university departments to engage with learners in an effective manner to deliver the most appropriate learning and training whilst providing a range of customizable learning and training resources, based on learner-specific and institutional… Check-out our recent activities

Adaptive, Personalised, E-learning: Live Session
ADES Sessions in Remote Regions, in partnership with specialist collaborators
Training Session at ADES Community Centres
A teacher teaching conducting a training session at one of ADES Community Centres

Adaptive E-Learn System (ADES) Products and Services 

    • Licensing the Adaptive-E-Learn Software System (ADES learn-online – UK version and Export version)
    • Personalized learning, based on Multi-Provider Collaboration
    • Unique online learner-centered process and evaluation
    • Practical hands-on support training, lectures and workshops on a range of ICT courses including: software systems analysis, design and development,  web technology and programming, computer System architecture and maintenance, programming and operating system configuration
    • Learning managements system (LMS) services
  • Research and development on  “Cost Effective and Adaptable E-Learning Tools”